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Frequently Asked Questions

Often times a home buyer will ask themselves "Do I need to have a professional home inspection?".  You've looked at a home thoroughly and you may think you are comfortable with everything you have viewed.  

Kaleb Thomas Home Inspection Service has the skill to methodically inspect the homes many components and report on the present condition of those noted items.  

When I receive the report, and if deficiencies are reported, how do I proceed?

Deficiencies can be present in any building - even new ones.  The question is - How serious are they and what will it take to correct them?  We have seen people panic over deficiencies which can be easily corrected.  Panic results when people do not understand the deficiency.  We present this information so that the buyer can make informed decisions without fear.

How can I know that I am hiring the right inspector?

Home inspectors are generalists.  They need to know something about hundreds of items that make up a home.  The more overall knowledge the inspector has about these many items, the better service will be provided.  All home inspectors will have limitations respective of their experience and background. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge.  Kaleb Thomas Inspection Service makes every effort to meet and exceed the customers expectations.





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